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Game Name : Addams Family
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-23 12:51:07
Views : 17582

Extra Lives
Go to the Hall of Stairs. Walk all the way to the left. When you are behind the stairs, look up. You should enter a room with three one up's and a heart. The same room, has a staircase. Go to the top. On the left side of the heart look up. You will enter a room called Behind Stairs. In one room there are training shoes get them. Then go to the room above it. Jump across the ditch with the door in it. Get the hat. Fly out of that room [through a door]. Very quickly go to the room above it. When you are in the room fly straight up. Now enter the door and you get your free lives.

Hidden Room
Run out of lives? Well, not if you do this. Once you use all your lives and go to the "continue" screen, go to the far left of the screen. You will find a hidden room containing four additional lives.

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