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You're viewing Greatest Heavyweights Cheat Codes

Game Name : Greatest Heavyweights
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-06-22 00:27:32
Views : 7328

Press C twice during the introduction. You'll knock out your opponent on the first punch

Press B twice during the introduction

Pro Action Replay Codes
Infinite power: FFF1A 0000D
Infinite speed: FFF1A 2000D
Infinite stamina: FFF1A 4000D

Rounds are 1 minute: BJ6A-ACD6
Rounds are 2 minutes: BJ6A-AED6
Rounds are 4 minutes: BJ6A-AJD6
Rounds are 6 minutes: BJ6A-AND6
Rounds are 9 minutes: BJ6A-AWD6
Rounds are infinitely long, must win by knockout: CTXT-AA46
Infinite rounds, must win by knockout: AJ4T-AA2A
Set attributes to whatever you want when creating a new boxer: RH7A-A6YA
Attributes aren't reduced after a fight: RH9A-A6TE
Pick as many training items as you want: RH9T-A6VN + BM9T-AA9W.

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